Providing a living situation in which citizens who have special needs are able to achieve as great of level of independence as possible.

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Phone: 507-824-2091
Email: rvmanor@frontiernet.net
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Providing services for Citizens with special needs to achieve their highest level of independence since 1978.

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Every home we services is different and specifically designed for our residents. This is our 5th St home, keep scrolling to view the rest.

Please review a current Case Workers kind words which sum up what Riverview values as exceptional service…

“It’s so great to visit unexpectedly and find your client so well cared for. We are quick to complain but I wanted you (Administrator) to know that I deeply appreciate the good work being done when things are difficult for the staff and for my client (Case Worker, 2015).”

Beverly House
Highland House
Twin Bluff House
Bush St House
Larson House
Hillcrest House

Assisting Citizens with special needs to achieve their highest level of independence. We pride ourselves on

Providing caring homes for the Person serviced as well as a comfortable home for families and caregivers to come visit.

Providing individualized empathetic cares through our exceptional staff.

Identifying each Individual’s purpose in life and creating a specialized living program for them.